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I was at a cocktail party a few years ago when a blonde, seemingly ageless woman asked, “so, what do you do?”

“Well,” I fumbled, “um, I do a few different things. I was an executive in the mental health industry for about 20 years, but now I’m writing, consulting, and traveling quite a bit. I’m also helping start a non-profit.” I was embarrassed by my rambling, vague answer.

“Mmm,” she said knowingly, “you’re pretired.”

“Um. What?”

What's on your boomer bucket-list?

I came across an interesting article from the BBC about the new trend of "bucket-list boomers", those looking for a second phase full of globetrotting adventures. It seems that the Boomer generation is entering the next chapter with more free time and more financial security than generations past, and it's leading to some interesting mid-life travel stories.

Boomgono's Keys to Ecotourism: Part 1

When we travel, what are we searching for? Is it about relaxation or adventure? I can’t just sit idly on a beach, or visit the standard landmarks and Hard Rock Café before heading back home. Those textbook adventures rarely set the stage for my fondest travel memories. My favorites are ones that lead to moments of self-realization – either with friends and family, or on a more personal level. We like to call these Boomzaa moments, where you’re given a boost of enlightenment as the road ahead becomes clearer.

An Ode to the Mustang: The End of an Era

This model year punctuates an important era in American car history - the Mustang has taken its last ride. Few other cars have held such an iconic place in our popular culture.

That Other Kind of Transformation

On our Facebook page, weʼve started a new theme. Every monday is now Info Graphic Monday, where we share some of the more striking examples of how much more effectively data can be explained by leveraging the power of the creative mind.

This in and of itself, we think, is an important element of transformation. In order to see the world differently, we need to seek ways to find meaning in the things around us.

Donʼt Give Away Your News and Charge for Your Olds

Doc Searls is an interesting thinker for our times. He writes very thoughtfully about many web/online/technology related things, one of them is the newspaper business and its struggles in todayʼs digital reality. I recommend you check him out for important perspectives on our changing world.

I stole the title of this post from a recent post of his. It had nothing to do with what Iʼm about to write about beyond providing an interesting metaphor (if you decide to read the post).

Finding Inspiration in Perspiration: Part 1

As Thomas Edison once quipped:

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”

Finding Inspiration in Perspiration: Part 2

Continuing on our topic from last week, here are a few more tips for exercising your body and mind.

Switch up the setting

Boomgono's Keys to Ecotourism: Part 2

Continuing on our topic from last week, here are a few more tips for planning your eco-adventure.

Travel for a cause

Taking a Boomer Gap-Year. Couldn't You Use a Break?

Looks like gap-years aren’t just for college-bound teens anymore. Our fellow boomer bloggers at shared an interesting post detailing the benefits of pursuing a sabbatical later in life. And it makes plenty of sense.

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